Loopmasters Iconical Vocal Acapellas Vol.1

Loopmasters Iconical Vocal Acapellas Vol.1®


Iconical Vocal Acapellas Vol 1′ from Loopmasters is the first in a series of royalty-free full vocal acapellas from Iconical Music featuring the vocal talents of several singers which can be used by producers worldwide to create new and exciting music.

This new series from Loopmasters is in answer to the direct requests from producers looking for more developed and detailed vocal song ideas from which they can build full tracks, royalty-free and in a selection of musical styles.

The pack includes Dry and Wet stems for maximum flexibility. Each track features long loops with verses, bridges and chorus, plus some double tracked parts for extra thickness and presence in the mix. All tracks are suitable for Dance, Pop, Electro, House or Breakbeat styles.

‘Iconical Vocal Acapellas Vol 1’ weighs in at 400 MB and includes 89 vocal stems in 24-Bit, covering BPMs between 126 to 130 BPM.

The tracks include “1961”, which includes 6 dry loops and 4 Wet versions, “Bad Boys Dont Cry”, which includes 14 Dry Loops and 13 Wet, “Circles”, which includes 4 Wet and 4 Dry Loops, “Coming Back For More”, which includes 3 Dry Loops, “Hollywood”, which includes 10 Dry Loops and 9 Wet, “Sing To Me”, which includes 5 Dry Loops and 5 Wet versions and lastly “Tell the Truth” which has 12 Dry Loops included.

Vocalists include Sophie Paul, a talented young Brighton musician and BIMM graduate, April Amos, a talented singer and songwriter, Scarlett Quinn, up-and-coming Brighton vocalist with Kitten and The Hip, Kristian Booth, a singer and songwriter, and lastly  Ashley Slater, ex Freakpower and Big Lounge recording artist.

Equipment used includes a Rode K2 with a retro-fitted Electroharmonix tube, a Broadhurst Gardens Mic channel and a UAD quad core card. Check the demos for a better insight into this unique pack, and look out for more releases in this series.

Technical Specifications:
• 24-Bit Quality
• Full Pack 339 MB
• Total 89 Vocal Stems

• 6 Dry Stems
• 4 Stems With FXBad Boys Dont Cry:
• 14 Dry Stems
• 13 Stems with FXCircles:
• 4 Dry Stems
• 4 Stems with FX
Coming Back For More:
• 3 Dry StemsHollywood:
• 10 Dry Stems
• 9 Stems with FXSing To Me:
• 5 Dry Stems
• 5 Wet Stems
• 12 Dry Stems

Demo Preview :


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