SATURN VSTi x32 + Soundbank by Kujashi

SATURN VSTi x32 + Soundbank by Kujashi®


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Wavetable Synth + Soundbank by Kujashi

SATURN VSTi 32bit (Free) - GyL plugin + Soundbank by Kujashi screenshot

Main features:

dual synth layout from oscillators to effects with splitable keyboard and dual glide in mono

dual oscillators with wavemorph (blending) and phase shifting – by knobs and modwheel or by the dedicated LFOs and AD envelopes

135 inbuilt wavetables with source and „morphed” waveshape displays

waves from a 2 level menu or by +/- buttons

semitone (-48…+48) based pitch tuners

modulation destination – morph / wave-2 phase

envelope destination – wave / FM

cross-FM (phase) by knob, modwheel or AD envelope

3 osc unison

-4/+3 or -12/+7 semitones to major or fifth & -1 octave chords

12 filter types

LFOs with 4 waveshapes and 5 destinations from 8 to 1/64 bars with „d” and „t” times

mod envelopes to filter cutoff or osc pitch

independent amp envelopes

bypassable 4 band equalizers

A-B side mixer

adjustable pitchwheel modulation for filter cutoff

by-passable effects – Ping-Pong or Echo Delay with 22 speeds, Reverb, Chorus/Flanger

pitchwheel range (0…12 semitones), panorama and velocity sensitivity to volume

arp/seq with 22 speeds, pattern matrix, +/- 3 octaves range and 1..8 steps

stereo trance gate with 22 speeds, adjustable smoothing and 1..16 steps

pitch- and modwheel on GUI

pitchwheel to A, B or A+B oscs

8 modwheel destination with variations

voice numer selector 1..8

global Random and Reset – Reset for setting everything to default value, making an init patch

Shift + mouse drag for knob fine tune

Ctrl + click or double click to default value at knobs

stereo output scope

64 program position

full bank (64 presets) by Kujashi, 16 by Gyl-Synths


Demo Preview