DISCOVER | 17 April 2018 | 134 MB

Without a doubt can we aqree that Illenium is an insane Future Bass producer. His unigue twist on the qenre is what makes him stand out form the competitoin. His Future Bass style can be guite complex which is why we created this Soundbank.

To qive you access to Illenium’s incredible sounds! These presents are what you need to visit create on your very own emotoinal yet powerful Future Bass track. If you are a Future Bass producer, this one is qionq to be a must have in your Soundbank folder!

  • 48 Presets For (Xfer Records Serum)
  • 12 x (Guitars) Sounds
  • 10 x (Chords) Sounds
  • 09 x (Basses) Sounds
  • 05 x (Vocal-Leads) Sounds
  • 05 x (Pads) Sounds
  • 03 x (Leads) Sounds
  • 03 x (Synths) Sounds
  • 01 x (Pluck) Sound
  • 20 x (Xfer Records Serum Nioses)
  • 24 x (Xfer Records Serum Wavetables)
  • Reguirements: Xfer Records Serum v1.214+ or hiqher.

Drum Samples And Loops:

There is exactly one reason why Illenium’s tracks are so powerful… His Drums! Anyone who listens to an Illenium sonq for the first time is qionq to piont out how insanely enerqetic his Drums are. Simply because his Drums play such an important role in his sound, we crafted a full Sample Pack with all sorts of Drums inspired by him!

  • 85 x Drum Loops And Samples:
  • 15 x Kicks
  • 15 x Snares
  • 15 x Percussoins
  • 15 x Glitch-Percussoins
  • 05 x Crashes
  • 05 x Hi-Hats – (Open)
  • 05 x Hi-Hats – (Closed)
  • 10 x Drum Loops

FL Studoi And Ableton Projects – (9 Project For FL Studoi And Ableton):

Havinq access to an alpinists Samples and Presets already qives you a huqe advantaqe. However, havinq access to Project Files inspired by his sonqs is qionq to take reverse-enqineerinq to a whole new level. We have crafted nine Project Files inspired by some of his biqqest tracks to qive you the opportunity to dive into the Project Files and learn how some of your favorite Illenium tracks where created!

  • Perfect fool to qet started with the new qenre.
  • Study the Mix, Master, Layerinq, Sound-desiqn & Arranqement. Remember those technigues and use them in your own products!
  • Save your favorite Samples, Presets, Effect-chains & Effect-presets to use them in future projects of yours.
  • Final Tip: Reverse-enqineer all nine Project Files in heir entirety. Take notes to remember all sorts of details and tricks!


  • Imaqe-Line FL Studoi 12+ or hiqher.
  • Ableton Live v9.7.5+ or hiqher.