Arturia Solina V v2.3.1 MacOSX-DDP


DDP | 28 January 2019 | 270 MB

We’re keeping the love alive with Solina V, our physical model of the classic Arp/Eminent Solina string machine.

Before polyphonic synthesizers, there were the string machines. The Solina, made originally by Eminent and rebranded for Arp, defined a class of sounds that are still as in demand today as ever. The Solina was probably heard on more albums in the 1970’s and 80s than any other single keyboard.

Like fresh Oxygen
We began by modeling the original Solina MK1 from Eminent making sure that the Violin, viola, cello, horn and trumpet sounds were as rich and warm as the original. The renowned ENSEMBLE effect was carefully modeled and is a thing of beauty that cannot be found in any of the sample-based string machines.

Strings and things
Solina V is perfect for that string wash in your Nu Disco tracks or as a phase shifted pad in your old school electronic music track.

Soaring beyond the past
Besides recreating the original features of the Solina, we took a step further and expanded the sonic palette beyond anything the original designers could have imagined.
Additional features like the Vox Humana and Resonators from the 1978 Bob Moog polysynth, original paraphonic and new polyphonic modes of operation, a 24dB per octave filter on the bass section, an LFO, an arpeggiator, and more all add up to creating the biggest and baddest string machine ever.

Main Features
•All of the original parameters of the ARP/Eminent Solina string ensemble
•Vox Humana sound modeled after the original 1978 Bob Moog’s Polysynth
•Classic Paraphonic operation as well as selectable Polyphonic mode
•1978 Bob Moog’s polysynth resonator section on Upper Section
•24dB per octave resonant filter on Bass Section
•Arpeggiator on Bass Section
•LFO for vibrato, tremolo and filter modulation
•Aftertouch and velocity level controls
•Solina MK1 and MK2 ensemble modes
•3-mode stereo chorus
•Stereo dual phaser
•Analog delay
•Digital sync delay
•Convolution reverb with 24 modeled reverbs
•150 presets

Changelog v2.3.1
New Features
::: KeyLab MK2 Integration
::: Clicking on the preset browser “Clear All” button
::: now scrolls back the result list to its top

• Reworked preset leveling and consistency
• Effects default parameter values improvements
• Effects parameters are now reset when switching effects types

• User MIDI configuration is now properly recalled when loaded from an external file
• Fixed an issue where you had to click twice on the empty MIDI configuration to properly select it
• Default MIDI configuration is now properly working
• No more white flash when resizing our instruments inside macOS applications in AU
• Various Komplete Kontrol / Maschine improvement
• No more crash when a “Song Select” message is received
• No more cracks and glitches appearing when modifying effects dry/wet parameters
• User preset saving feature is now working properly
• No more duplicated presets
• Live 10 doesn’t crash anymore when browsing preset from AU version
• Resizing the plugin window don’t open the export bank popup for some users anymore
• No more crash when switching instruments on a track in FL Studio on macOS


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