IRRUPT Audio Auditory Abductions WAV


FANTASTiC | 08 September 2019 | 398 MB

You’ve all heard the myth. A group of hunters venture out in the deep forest only to discover a bright light shining through the trees. Curiously, these hunters are drawn towards the dazzling glow, only to discover a beaming green spacecraft surrounded by a thick cloud of mist. Upon moving closer, a bright beam of light flashes down and snatches them up into the sky. Months later, these hunters are placed back on earth, totally confused, feeling pleasantly violated, and insanely passionate about electronic dance music – dance music is all they can think about (well… that and visions of weird slippery creatures nudging them). The myth is most likely true – being abducted by aliens always results in an overwhelming desire to listen to dance music.

‘Auditory Abductions’ is a collection of sounds capturing what happens to these lucky souls when they are transported into those space crafts. It’s the sound of the aliens poking and prodding, tweaking and twerking and speaking to one another in bizarre electronic code. Not only is this product an incredible chance to listen to aliens (NASA has been begging us for our audio source), you can use it in your own DAW to add accents, filthy FX, spaced out noises and loads of otherworldly details to your music. It’s sounds unheard, direct from outer space. Futuristic audio provided by alien abduction. Or at least that’s what our friend told us, anyway.

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