Cymatics Boomin 808s + Bangin 808s WAV Massive SERUM Presets


09 January 2020 | 69 MB

What Exactly is “Boomin’ 808s” and “Bangin’ 808s”?
808s are used as the subbass for genres like Trap, Dubstep, Hybrid, Hip Hop and more.

With how popular 808s are now, and the unique uses of them that artists bring to the table, there are ENDLESS possibilities with how they can sound.

Inspired by the many bass artists who are absolutely killing it right now, we wanted to create two 808 packs that would blow your mind.

With 100 samples and 35 presets to choose from across these two sample packs, you’ll never run out of 808s to use.

Not to mention, each preset is fully customizable through the use of macros – giving you the capabilities to create over 100 brand new sounds!

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